What would our Founding Fathers do?

In the midst of constant turmoil that has beset our nation in recent times, this is the question every United States’ citizen should be asking of themselves and their elected leaders because Americans willingly subscribe to the democratic ideals of a republican form of government ratified by this nation’s Founding Fathers in 1788 and housed in the country’s governing charter, the U.S. Constitution.

In its infancy, America was colonized by European immigrants who sought freedom from religious persecution – freedom to exercise their will. As we know, their thirst for liberty exacted a heavy toll, one of great sacrifice and misery that paved the way for independence from the British Crown whence they came.  From the depths of their suffering evolved a system of jurisprudence and free enterprise economics that propelled this country to greatness and has held it together for more than 230 years. It is the responsibility of each passing generation to uphold the legacy of these stalwart pioneers and patriots.  This nation’s governing framework was drafted by exceptional scholars familiar with the perils of battle and the ongoing threat of power-hungry despots. They understood the ebb and tide of temptation and developed a form of government that would sustain and protect the country from its enemies both internally and externally.  How is it then we find this iron clad document under assault by its own people many of whom labor with the misconception that the Constitution has outlived its usefulness? Rather than temper emerging discontentment, contemporary leadership appears to be encouraging such behavior. 

This website is a tribute to our ancestors. It is a safe place for the original text of the Constitution. Legislative activity along with ensuing policies that challenge and/or threaten the rule of law flowing from this document will be addressed herein among other related topics. 


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